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At SSMP we strive for all parts that leave our building to be of the highest quality which starts with our processes and quality material. To do so we begin each program with effiecient processes and maintain them in mass production. We believe that prevention is key within our systematic approach along with detection during run time and final inspection. We can run customer supplied materials along with sourcing specific materials or colorant that are not readily available. With over 80 years of injection molding experience our team is able to recommend, suggest and trouble shoot plastic material concerns.

Spierings Specialty Molded Products (SSMP) specializes in processing engineering-grade materials and commodity resins in industrial applications. Our experience with many different types and grades of polymers is beneficial to our customers in application assistance and trouble-shooting issues that might arise in production or out in the field. 

Below you'll find a sample of the industries we have supplied quality parts for and the materials to make them. Click on the photo to enlarge the image.

Agriculture Equipment

Drive Hub
33% Glass Filled Nylon
Drive Hub
Super Tough Homopolymer Acetal
Co-Polymer 9 Melt Acetal
33% Glass Filled Custom Colored Nylon 6
Paint Gun Body with Inserts
33% Glass Filled Custom Colored Nylon 6
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Glass Shelf Clips
Clear and Custom Colored 20 Melt Polycarbonate
Chair Glide with Insert
Co-Polymer 8 Melt No Break Polypropylene
Seat Box Spacer
12 Melt Polypropylene
Chair Legs
HIPS Custom Painted Wood Grain
Chair Glide
Thermoplastic Elastomer
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Consumer Products

DC Motor Fan
12 Melt Co-Polymer No Break Polypropylene
AC Motor Fan
33% Glass Filled Nylon 66
Electrical Housing
Electrical Bobbin
20% Glass Bead Nylon 6
AC Motor Insulator
13% Glass Filled Nylon 66
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Valves and Pumps

Socket Set Organizer
Custom Colored Polycarbonate
Socket Set Organizer
Unfilled Nylon 66
Drill Gauge
Nylon 6 Reinforced with Mineral and Glass Fiber
Bloody Musky Minnow
HIPS Custom Painted
Screw Driver Handles
Cellulose Propionate
Baseball Bat End Cap
Thermoplastic Polyurethane
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Manifold (Agricultural)
Nylon 6 FDA
Flow Sensor (Agricultural)
Polysulfone FDA
Manifold (Agricultural)
Polyphenylsulfone FDA
Shut Off Valve (Agricultural)
Nylon 12 FDA
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Motorcycle Cover
Lincoln Storage Bin Door
Nano Technology Mineral Filled PC/ABS
Chrysler Heater Control Light Pipe
Chrysler LD Bin
SEBS Elastomer
GM K2 Steering Wheel Housing
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Door and Window

Push Button & Door Handle
43% Glass Filled Super Tough Nylon 66
Storm Door Latch Bolt
Electrostatic Dissipative Super Tough Nylon 66
Door Closer Piston
33% Glass Filled Nylon 66
Winder Screen Corner Lock
Custom PVC
Window Screen Corner Lock
Custom Colored Polycarbonate
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