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What makes SSMP different from other thermoplastic injection molders is not our equipment—our machines are industry-tested and approved, like any respectable injection-mold company. Our difference lies in the service to you our customer, the people behind the machines, and the thought and planning that goes into every project before those machines are ever turned on.

Spierings Specialty Molded Products (SSMP) specializes in processing engineering-grade materials and commodity resins in industrial applications. We are a full-service thermoplastic injection molder from initial concept to final assembly and shipment. And, we're extremely competitive with overseas markets. In fact, after considering logistics, time and communication troubles, we maintain that overseas pricing comes at simply too high a cost. 

We are a total-solution molder; however, we will only charge for the services you require. If you only need a molder, you will not get charged for engineering that pertains to your program. Companies large and small, global and local, rely on us for high-quality injection molding and our vertically integrated services. Large companies appreciate that we get things done and project manage every detail of their interests. Small companies and new product designers rely on our expertise to troubleshoot, offer suggestions, use the best, most cost-effective material, and supply parts that meet or exceed all expectations.

Attentive service. Quality products. Competitive pricing. That's our business.

Thermoplastic Injection Molding Plastic
Full Service Thermoplastic Injection Molder Midwest WI

“The absolute best customer service we've experienced! Vast knowledge of the industry and and willing to problem solve for cost reductions."

-M.V. Wisconsin client

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